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Modu Tech provides unique services, not generally provided by building materials suppliers or product manufacturers. With our team's extensive turnkey framing and installed sales experience, we understand what is required to build wood-framed structures. Modu Tech's service offerings include:

Manufacturing & Transportation Guidelines for Wall Panels

Two important considerations when choosing a method of panelized building systems are manufacturing and delivery. Each phase represents the efforts of many individuals over the years who have committed themselves to create methods and means to make and transport components to building sites. The following paper has the following objectives: 1) to present an historical perspective of prefabricated housing, 2) Review the manufacturing process, 3) review the delivery process and 4) explore the cost effectiveness of panelization. Read the full article.

Modu-Tech is a proud member and Partner of The National Framer's Council

The National Framers Council’s highest priority in 2014 was the development of a comprehensive safety certification program specific to the framing industry. NFC began by collecting existing safety programs from prominent framing companies from across the country. After months of hard work, the result is the FrameSAFE Safety Manual Template (A Bilingual Guide for Safety on the Jobsite). Subscribe now!

The NFC's FrameSAFE Safety Manual Template

FrameSAFE Safety Manual Template provides an excellent resource for framers to create their own Safety Program that is compliant with OSHA Standard 1926.20. The bilingual safety manual is designed such that the English runs on the left-hand pages and the Spanish runs on the right-hand pages, for ease in use on the jobsite. The program also includes a Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan Template, as well as a series of Toolbox Talks, single page do’s and don’ts on various key topics, provided in English and Spanish, that help trainers communicate safe practices with employees and subs. Get more perspective on FrameSAFE from the NFC steering committee in SBC Magazine’s Framer Viewpoint column.

Subscribers to the FrameSAFE program, will receive access to a pdf of the Safety Manual Template that has been customized with their company’s information, plus pdfs of 42 Toolbox Talks and 22 Safety Posters on the topics that coincide with the six sections of the Safety Manual Template. Plus, subscribers will receive all program updates and new Toolbox Talks and posters as they become available. NFC's FrameSAFE Orientation Checklist is also available (in both English and Spanish) to assist members in providing a comprehensive safety overview for new employees on a jobsite.

Consider the following benefits to you company by using the FrameSAFE safety Program:

NFC membership will develop and implement best practices to:


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